Predict the future.
Today! builds custom machine learning and predictive models. We help managers and professional workers become more data and model-driven. Start maximizing benefits from data you already have. Forecast, optimize and improve every aspect of your work.

Machine learning for everyone. sets up the complete workflow to capture, clean and transform your data. This data is processed to create reproducible predictive models. We then help your team access the models and solve real day-to-day problems in real-time.


Improve your marketing efforts, group customers, recommend related items, optimize product pricing, minimize user churn and forecast sales.

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Improve citizen engagement with public services. Optimize operational efficiency in traffic, energy, housing and urban development. Detect tax evasion, fraud or possible corruption.

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Find product and assembly line defects as early as possible. Minimize potential failures and perform predictive maintenance. Better control supply chain, demand and logistics.

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Personalize treatment and improve patient experience. Optimize diagnostic, operation, experiment and care delivery. Reduce fraud, mitigate financial and health risks.

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Replace guesswork with confidence.


No upfront costs. Only pay-per-use. Cancel anytime.


We make models available and usable in your environment.


Get insights from your data within days, not next quarter.

Selected clients

  • Upwork
  • HashUnited
  • zTrade
  • Adtecho
  • SportsBetter