Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for Retail, Government, Industrial and Healthcare


Improve your marketing efforts, group customers, recommend related items, optimize product pricing, minimize user churn and forecast sales.

Forecast Sales

Predict if sales figures are on target or what they are likely to be. Forecast accurately into the future and act on change in trends. Objectively quantify business performance.

Prioritize Leads

Focus on leads that are more likely to convert. Prioritize prospects that are more profitable than others. Allocate the best opportunities to the right staff at the right time.

Predict Churn

Prevent user from leaving your site or cancelling your service subscription. Each user can be flagged or scored for risk. Take preventive action and increase long term value.

Recommend Items

Create real-time recommendation to upsell related items and increase order size. Each bundle is properly categorized and personalized to enhance the shopping experience.

Group Customers

Segment your users into configurable, actionable clusters of personas. Each persona can then be properly targeted, marketed and handled to best adapt your product or service.

Optimize Pricing

Determine customers price sensitivity. Build a long-lasting pricing strategy and discount strategy. Maintain loyalty while maximizing revenues. Support dynamic and personalized pricing.

Prevent Fraud

Pinpoint suspicious activity to protect your customers from identity theft or possible hacking. Each user action can be logged, classified or scored for risk.

Detect Anomaly

Flag financial irregularities and business exceptions. Find outliers in data and perform real time series analysis to identify abnormal values. Detect patterns that go unnoticed.

Mine Text

Perform sentiment analysis to detect positive, negative or neutral reviews. Highlight entities and topics, categorize text and extract valuable information with natural language processing.


All of our predictive models for retail and businesses are custom built. Do you have a special use case or business problem we haven’t covered here? Chat with us!


Improve citizen engagement with public services. Optimize operational efficiency in traffic, energy, housing and urban development. Detect tax evasion, fraud or possible corruption.

Improve Engagement

Develop easy-to-use wizards and online forms to control, simplify and prioritize use of public services. Create chatbots that answer popular questions with zero effort.

Reduce Traffic

Optimize traffic-light management, monitor road conditions, enforce traffic laws, improve public transport and cycling infrastructure, develop flow control and set road and park prices.

Predict Crime

Forecast where and when crime and victimization is likely to occur. Better allocate patrol operations and optimize placement of search, rescue and police forces.

Minimize Claims

Flag abnormal, illegal or fraudulent government claim. Find ineligible, repeated or conflicting requests for compensation. Each claim can be logged, classified or scored for risk.

Detect Fraud

Prevent fraudulent activity, abuse and tax evasion by individuals, businesses and government officials. Spot and stop irregular money transactions before they are made.

Forecast Failure

Anticipate water, electricity and gas failures. Optimize schedule and staffing for sewage treatment, recycling, waste management and infrastructure problems.


All of our predictive models for government and public sector are custom built. Do you have a special use case or government problem we haven’t covered here? Chat with us!


Find product and assembly line defects as early as possible. Minimize potential failures and perform predictive maintenance. Better control supply chain, demand and logistics.

Improve Inventory

Find optimal stock levels to balance supply and customer demand. Reduce waste and minimize storage costs. Forecast when and how much should you shelf vs. sell.

Prevent Defects

Minimize production costs with early signs of any design or manufacturing failure. Identify process and product defects in real-time to maintain quality. Predict maintenance.

Optimize Logistics

Track movement of vehicles and goods and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Find optimal schedule and route to get your product delivered throughout the supply chain.

Minimize Costs

Automate negotiation to reduce your cost of goods. Reach the best agreement with your suppliers and third parties. Predict outcome of simple, repeated and complex deals.


All of our predictive models for industrial and manufacturing are custom built. Do you have a special use case or industrial problem we haven’t covered here? Chat with us!


Personalize treatment and improve patient experience. Optimize diagnostic, operation, experiment and care delivery. Reduce fraud, mitigate financial and health risks.

Improve Monitoring

Monitor patient vital signs and alert nurses and caregivers when patient condition changes. Flag suspicious abnormalities as emergency and allow better, more effective staffing.

Optimize Diagnostic

Create professional decision support systems. Transform a set of symptoms to a list of possible diagnoses. Classify and prioritize low, medium and high risk cases.

Personalize Treatment

Gather, process and analyze patient data. Determine appropriate treatment method and predict likely outcome. Monitor patient aftercare and follow-up appointments.

Detect Infections

Identify, track and investigate possible infections in hospitalized and community-treated patients. Detect suspicious cultures and predict outbreak with infection control system.

Minimize Fraud

Detect anomalies in billing data, misuse of hospital services and repeated patient claims. Identify suspicious patient records, prescription and insurance payments.


All of our predictive models for healthcare and hospitals are custom built. Do you have a special use case or health problem we haven’t covered here? Chat with us!